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And so for example we must use your credit card information to the card issuing bank or payment processor to confirm the payment for products and services purchased on our website. Release your address information to the delivery service to deliver products that you ordered and provide. Order information to third parties that help us deliver the services. We will close disclose personally identifiable information in the following circumstances if it is required by law enforcement or judicial authorities or to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation. As an example if you are one of those terrible humans who is involved in the Taliban or ISIL you need to.

Which we spelt ISIL ISIS wrong. Is it’s not a it’s neither asked. But we would love to turn you over.

We’d love to turn over your information to members of the law enforcement community and we have a good faith belief that we are required or permitted to do so by law or legal process to protect the rights reputation property or safety of from the heart companion or other to defend enforce our rights or your obligations if the disclosure is required by mandatory professional standards to a third party with your prior consent to do so. Or if we are under a duty to disclose or share your personally identifiable information in order to enforce or apply any contracts or agreement that may exist between you and from the heart companion including the privacy policy and our Web site use policy this includes exchanging information with other companies organizations for the purpose of fraud protection and credit risk reduction in this event. That from the heart decides to sell all or part of its stock or assets or enter into a information.

Into a merger. We reserve the right to include personally identifiable information in non identifiable information among the assets transferred to acquiring where surviving company in the event that from the heart decides to sell part of its stock and since then we’re going to give the other people that we get in business with your information as well. So updating or correcting your personally identifying information you may access request deletion or correct your personal information and privacy preferences by contacting the companion by emailing or writing us at from the heart companion. Eleven hundred Riverwalk terrace Tulsa Oklahoma. 7 4 0 3 7 and right attention customer service. We will get it folks and we will help you. And we really just want to explain to you that any time that you want to find a home health care in Pittsburgh. The best place to look to find.

Home health care in Pittsburgh is right here from the heart companioned service. We really are the fine home health care in Pittsburgh and when you do find home health care in Pittsburgh you’re going to know that this is the best place to find home health care in Pittsburgh. Folks we don’t just say this is the place to find on health care in Pittsburgh because we’re crazy. We say this is the place to find home health care in Pittsburgh because there are going to be getting up out of their desk and rushing around and stuff to get you helped with it as long as they don’t break their legs and they’re going to use your personal information too. You know police if you’re part of the Taliban. So you know we feel like this is the best place you can get your home health care from because the fact that they are so in touch with the Taliban and if you decide to get involved you know with the Taliban or make a haiku you know if you want to personally write a haiku you may send it to.

And after writing it it’s always embarrassing when you mail an envelope promising a haiku without actually including the haiku in it. Find Home Health Care In Pittsburgh

Begin that search. We encourage you to promptly update your personally and for an identifiable information if it changes. We ask you to have the information on your account. We ask you to have it on there now. On your account deleted or moved. However because you keep track of. Past transactions for as long as. As long as is reasonably necessary and you cannot delete information associated with the past completely leave your information without some residual information.

Because of backups and redundancies. Cancelling your account. Find Home Health Care In Pittsburgh
We use it to provide you with information products and services.

Request from us or which we feel may interest you. We may be where you may be consented not to be contacted for such purposes to carry out our obligations arising from any contract is entered into between you and us including billing and collection to improve the overall look and feel of the Web site. If you pay for service using a credit card we will transmit your credit card data to the appropriate credit card company and or credit card processing company to allow you the participation of interactive features of our service.
As the product or service improves more and more subscribers are likely to visit the Web site on a consistent basis.

Please allow yourself to share the information listed below device information when you download our app and use our services we automatically collect the information on the type of device you use in the operating system version so we know the best application version to provide you with. We do not ask for access or track any location based on based information from your mobile device.

So they’re not going to necessarily want to know where you’re at. Most of the time they’re just going to want to know every all the other information they have on the phone. Find Home Health Care In Pittsburgh

We also will post says however pretty sure the various social media sites do do post it and so how we use your information we use information they held about you in the following ways. We use it to ensure the content from our service is presented in the most effective manner for you and your computer and mobile device.